I want to invite you to be a part of a missions initiative to pray for and care for our missionaries over the next few months. As you may be aware, we have four missionary families that we focus on periodically. Three are connected through Canadian Foursquare Missions and one is connected through our very own John and Georgina who are on the field right now as part of that missionary family!

Beginning March 1 until June 30, we want every household or individual to join a mission squad (sign up to adopt a family to focus on of these four).

What would this mean? Look over the attached photos that have a few details about each missionary family. Ask God who He wants you to pray for and care for. Let us know who you have picked. We want everyone to get covered. Then pray for/care by doing any of the following in whatever capacity you can.

  • Pray for them, this is the biggest!
  • Send encouragement
  • Connect with an occasional message
  • Research where they are serving
  • Inquire as to how they are doing or just get to know them a little. Ie. Do they like cake?
  • Report to us what you are learning and discovering so we can learn with you. By email or when opportunity is given during our service.
  • Give. Either directly (we can provide the proper links) or by marking "missions" on your New Life offering envelope and we can direct funds towards specific needs or ideas you may have to bless the family you are praying for.

Again, please review the attached photos by March 1 and let us know which squad you're on by email or by signing up at the back table! Once everyone has signed up we'll let you know who the squads are so you can exchange info and maybe even pray together at one point for your family.

What an amazing thing it would be for us to come together as squads and as a church to bless our missionary families this way. Please join us!

For contact information for these families please get in touch with our church office.

2022 Missions Squad Project Web Photos
2022 Missions Squad Project Web Photos 2