In-person children's ministry, Echo Kids, takes place after worship through music in Room #209 for children ages 3-12. Watch for a dismissal slide during the service. Our volunteers will escort children to their room.

In the event that Echo Kids ministry is unavailable that particular Sunday, Room #212 and our nursery are open as parent supervised spaces if children need a break. Snacks and quiet activities for your child(ren) are welcome during the service.

Note that for the safety of your children, our Echo Kids rooms are monitored by V-tech video baby monitor. Please visit our sound booth in the auditorium if you require more information.

Register your children for Echo Kids by clicking here.


Enjoy Minno's Church At Home at no cost, no membership required. Click on this link, scroll to "Watch Together", and use the "Download Church At Home" notes to enjoy simple family activities with your children that will encourage them on their faith journey.

Need more info? Here's some Minno Q & A.

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Need more resources? Contact our Children's Ministry Team through our church office: [email protected].