What is a morning service like?
Our Sunday morning, the service begins with one or two opening songs, and then a break for any prayer, missions updates, and an announcement video. Then, we resume worshipping thru music. After the music, there will be a Bible based message before we close the service. Our services are 75-90 minutes long on average.

There is an opportunity at the dismissal of the service for prayer. Please approach one of our pastors and either they will pray with you or have one of our team leaders pray with you.

On the first Sunday of each month, we celebrate Communion together - also called the Lord's Supper. Guests are welcome to participate in communion. We participate with the understanding that one has established a relationship with God.

If I come as a guest, what will happen?
We will welcome you to our service and give you a visitor pack as a gift to you from us. We will help you find a seat if you require assistance. We ask that you make yourself at home. If you need to leave the room at any point during the service (for washroom, water, tissue, children), you are welcome to do so. You are also welcome to bring your morning beverage into the auditorium with you.

We are expressive in our worship-singing, clapping, praising, moving. Feel free to enter in however you feel comfortable. If the whole church experience is new to you or it’s been a while, you are welcome to sit or stand and just take it all in.

Things will be low key for you. We won’t ask you to stand and introduce yourself. We won’t ask you to share any personal information beyond your basic contact info. Make yourself at home and enjoy.

Do you have a kids’ program?
We are currently in the process of rebuilding our children's ministry options as it has been closed due to Covid-19 restrictions. In the meantime, there are self-serve rooms available for parents with children infant-2 years. The nursery is located at the back of the auditorium and includes a change table, rocking chairs, and a few toys. The Echo Kids toddler room is located next to the single use washrooms in Room #212. Also, check out the Echo Kids page on our website which gives access to the "Minno Kids" church at home option.

Are cell phones permitted in your service?
Yes! In fact we want you to bring them! Just put them on silent mode please. Use them for your Bible, use them to take notes if you like, and use them to interact during the service through chat on our Facebook or Youtube live streams.

How do I get in and out of your building?
The main entrance off of 10th Avenue South is open on Sunday mornings as well as the rear entrance through the alley, off of the wheel chair ramp. All other entrances are locked for security purposes and to honor the spaces rented by our tenants.

Do you have wheelchair accessibility?
Yes, there is parking and a ramp in the south rear entrance off the back alley. We also have two single use washrooms adjacent to the auditorium.

What should I wear?
We are casual in attire. Jeans are just fine or if you enjoy dressing up, we do that on occasion as well, feel free to come in your Sunday best.

How can I give?
Tithes and offerings will be received through e-transfer to donate.newlifecb@gmail.com, or can be deposited in a basket located near the back of the room at any time.

What if I have some questions while I’m there?
We are happy to answer your questions. Ask one of our ushers or one of our pastors or any of the congregation for what you need. If they can’t answer, they’ll make sure to find someone who can.

What if I am interested in membership or water baptism?
Talk to one of our pastors or fill out the form located on our website under "Sign-Up" and someone will get in touch with you.

What denomination is the church affiliated with?
We are affiliated with the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel. For more information, go to our website under “About Us.”

How big is your church?
We have approximately 60 people that call New Life their church family.

How long have you been around?
The church received its charter in June of 1986.

How is your church involved with the community?
We are involved by renting out building spaces to community daycares and other groups. We have volunteers who assist at Street Angels, the Salvation Army, the Mission Thrift Store, the Cranbrook Food Bank, the Better At Home Community Connections, and other organizations. We encourage people to get involved in their community through extra-curricular activities. All of our mid-week events at New Life are optional opportunities to get connected with others who will encourage you on your faith journey.

What other kinds of meetings do you have?
We have a youth/young adult events, ladies’ and men’s gatherings, prayer times, online meetings, and worship nights. People attend one or two of these gatherings each week to build friendships with one another.

You have a really large, historic-looking building, can I take a look around?
We really enjoy taking people to look around. So if you’re curious, ask one of our ushers and we’ll take you on a tour. Please don’t wander unattended as many of our spaces are used by various tenants.

Has any of this information changed during COVID-19?
Though provincial restrictions have dropped, we are in the phase of rebuilding some of the ministry areas that were closed during the pandemic.

This means children's ministry is only available once per month at present. Please see our Echo Kids page or call our church office to find out when the next Sunday morning event is. Otherwise, children will remain with their adults. Clipboard activities will be distributed to them. You are welcome to bring additional quiet toys/activities for them to enjoy.

Communion elements will be available for pick-up at any time during the service on the first Sunday of each month.

Single use washrooms contain disinfecting wipes for your convenience to wipe down fixtures before/after.

The prayer is open (Room #210) for anyone who needs a quiet place during our gatherings.

People who would prefer physically distanced seating are welcome to move their chair where preferred or request assistance to set up seats near the back of the auditorium.